Is Botox For Me?

What is BOTOX®️?

BOTOX®️is a brand of Botulinum toxin  used to control wrinkles caused by facial expressions. Now it’s commonly used to refer to any ‘toxin’ treatments that target such wrinkles such as DYSPORT®️ and XEOMIN®️.

How does this work ?

Tiny doses of the toxin solutions  ( about 0.05 to 0.1 cc each) are injected into the muscles causing wrinkles to relax them. As a result the skin will appear smoother as certain wrinkles become less noticeable for a period of time typically for 3-6 months.

Higher doses are used to reduce muscle size eg Jaw & calves muscles

Toxins have also been found to reduce the production of sweat – so can be injected into the underarms areas for sweat reduction in individuals with excessive sweating. Some doctors have used it for keloid reduction with some success.

Are such Toxins ( BOTOX®️ / DYSPORT / Xeomin ) Safe?

Historically, Botulinum toxins, was derived from Clostridium bacteria.

It was known to cause death due to inability to breathe caused by paralysis of the breathing muscles leading to oxygen deficit. However in 1954, scientists learned to purify the toxin and selectively used it as a drug to treat muscular spasms and contractures in patients, eg adults with severe weakness in the limbs and children with severe muscular dystrophy from congenital or birth related causes.

By 1990 doctors and scientists learned to use micro-doses of the toxin to target facial muscles of expression to achieve smooth wrinkle-free skin. So In April 2002. the FDA  approved BOTOX®️for cosmetic use like glabella wrinkles, crowfeet and forehead lines

Subsequent other brands like got their FDA registration : DYSPORT®️ in 2009, XEOMIN in 2011.

Why is it still so popular ?

Toxin injections is one of the top few  non-surgical aesthetic treatments in the world. In the USA 6 millions people are treated every year.

It is seen as highly affordable and effective as a quick fix for facial wrinkles. Visible results can be seen in 24 hours onwards and last for 2.5-6 months

I am worried it would look very fake if I have bOTOX treatments. Is it an inevitable side effects?

Having BOTOX treatments can have results which are be subtle and natural looking.

However you need to select an experienced injector doctor who is skilful to produce such results. Sometimes you can combine with other treatments for a more softer looking results instead of just using increasing doses of the toxins.

If not BOTOX then what else can I do?

You can have Plenty of choices with the current advances in science and technology

For instance you can have

  1. Energy-based lifting treatments eg – Skin tightening:laser / RF/ HIFU.

For such energy based treatments the effects are :

  • Slower onset
  • duration increase with energy used , and final b effects only occurs after 4-6 months.  

The advantages are that there is Minimal to No downtime, and thus Suitable for working adults who could not take time off from work.

  1. Liquid lift – using liquids or gel such as skin boosters, cell boosters, fillers, collagen stimulator

The skin is plumped up so the appearance of wrinkles reduces.

  1. Thread lift- For thread-lift barbed or cogged threads are sewn into the deeper layers of the skin and stitched to deep muscles or soft-bone structure to lift the droopy part of the face. This is often wondered for more severe facial sogginess..

However common side effects include post treatment swelling, extensive and extended bruising, persistent post procedures pain, asymmetry, threads breakage and repeated procedure needed.


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She was amongst the pioneer batch of doctors to start using non ablative skin lasers for aesthetics in 2000, as well BOTOX, DYSPORT, Restylane & Juvederm fillers when they were first launched in Asia.

Dr Shiau Ee Leng

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